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Let's get this out of the way first up - We are not actively seeking applications for 'Endorsees' and will only really consider people whom we feel reflect the ethos of Red and meet the criteria outlined below as well as people who are good consistent communicators. Take the time to read through the criteria.

NB: If you don't meet the criteria please don't fill out an application.

We aren't looking for just anyone and the people we choose are the drummers who put relationship first over 'business'. If you are just looking for cheap/free cymbals then you are in the wrong place.

Becoming an endorsee doesn’t mean FREE cymbals. The term 'Endorsee' means you endorse/promote Red Cymbals products and in return we provide you with artist pricing (starting at 30% off RETAIL pricing). Just to clarify - we don't 'sponsor' drummers or bands. We don't give you an endorsement or 'sponsorship' - that is a common misconception.

We generally do not sign drummers under the age of 18 which is why we have the Red Ambassador Program specifically for drummers under 18.

To become a Red Artist means a reciprocal agreement where we may provide Red products (cymbals, sticks, bags etc...) to you at agreed pricing (a discount off retail pricing) because we believe in you and that you will help our brand gain visibility and ultimately increased sales.

A Red Artist will promote our brand positively and represent us well in the music industry through social media posting, maintaining a strong web presence, regular performances and engagement with the drumming community. They will help us reach people that we don’t already. We will do the same for you because we want to see you succeed plus our team are always up for a chat if you need.


Read the criteria below and see if you are a good fit to become a Red Artist.
Complete an application ONLY after evaluating whether you meet ALL the criteria. 

THE CRITERIA (Please don't apply if you don't meet this criteria fully).

Someone applying to be a Red Artist will:

#1 Be a Professional Drummer over 18 years of age: 'professional' means making a living from drumming not just a monthly or occasional gig. Perhaps a good measure is 80+ shows a year to over 500+ people at each show. You might play to a 'livestream' of 2,000 or more people but that doesn't really count - afterall how many people watching are drummers.

#2 Have influence in the music industry: specifically drummers at shows and on tour. Perhaps even teaching or creating educational content and inspiring drummers to develop their playing and learning.

#3 Maintain an active presence and interact positively on social media (Instagram/Facebook/TikTok) and YouTube by creating engaging content (high quality videos and photos). 

#4 Post videos and photos of performances, drum lessons and other content which promote drumming and skills development. 

#5 Have a professional social media accounts which generally don’t have personal posts on there about non-drumming related content (a professional drummers' page has at least 95% drumming related content).  If your Instagram has a lot of personal stuff on it you may want to take it down and make the content all about your drumming. We don't want to have to dig through a bunch of unrelated personal posts.

#6 Have 4000+ followers/likes on Instagram and TikTok with high engagement on posts (more than 600 likes/views per post).

#7 Have at least 1,500 Subscribers on YouTube and post regular drumming related videos with consistent positive audience engagement.

#8 Bonus Points:

Have an active drum teaching/instruction practice or post teaching videos.
Actually own some Red Cymbals gear before applying and know all about our cymbals and which ones you like. You can't endorse a product you know nothing about.

We are keen to work with motivated and talented drummers who appreciate our product and want to be a part of making Red Cymbals successful and represent our company in a positive light and reflect a similar ethos that we have as a company. We are looking for people to join our team who already meet the criteria above.

IF YOU DON’T MEET THE CRITERIA…It's not always a NO but perhaps a 'Not Yet'.

Why not work on: developing your content/playing, increase your presence online, work on collaborations with other musicians, stretch yourself by entering competitions or other drumming showcases - there are so many ways to improve your playing and profile, ‘getting endorsed’ or being an Artist should not be your first step, it should be part of the process once you have these other things going.

We hear a lot of “we will...” and promises from people once they are ‘endorsed’ however we are more interested in working with people who are already doing the things mentioned in the criteria. We also prefer to work with people who we have a good relationship with and enjoying hanging out with.

Are Under 18 years of Age? Why not look into our Red Ambassador Program which is designed for drummers under the age of 18 who want to collaborate with us but aren’t really a professional drummer. A professional drummer is someone whose job it is to play the drums and other work related to drumming.

Start the conversation: email us and ask what we think you can work on to move you further along on your drumming journey. Don't simply message us and ask for an endorsement - that is like going up to a person on the street and asking them to give you their phone or take you for a ride in their car. 

PLEASE NOTE: we might take up to 14 days to respond to your application because we consider all applications thoroughly, please be patient and don't be hasty - good relationships are based on taking the time to get to know people.