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Jon started playing drums at the age of 9 inspired by the drummers of his home church in Caracas, Venezuela, where he got to play for almost a decade. From a young age he not only took drum lessons, but also studied guitar and Latin percussion, which equipped him to play various other instruments such as congas, bongos and timbales.

In 2007 Jon travelled to the UK to study at the Nexus Institute of Creative Arts, where he did a 2 year programme in Popular Music and Worship. While at Nexus, Jon also obtained his RSL Grade 8 Certificate with distinction and began to develop teaching skills.

In the UK Jon was part of a jazz band with whom he recorded two albums and he also took part in various other music projects covering genres from R&B/soul to gospel and rock.
In his second year Jon was part of a student tour and travelled to five different countries, during which he had live playing experience in the Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

In 2010 Jon moved to Cape Town, South Africa to undertake a volunteer programme,
offering his skills as a multi-instrumentalist at a church and also teaching drum lessons.
Jon’s skills and desire to serve the community allowed him to do numerous workshops at
music stores, churches and schools, which helped to quickly spread his influence; he was featured on a number of occasions in SA Drums & Percussion magazine and was invited as a guest clinician to participate at events such as Cape Town Drum Shed, The Drummer Experience, among others.

After his volunteer years, Jon was granted an employee position at M&M Performing Arts Academy, where not only has he been able to mentor hundreds of students of all ages, but he has also created full-time courses for the school and even wrote his own beginner drum book The Lombana Method. Jon has been the head of the drum department for several years and his expertise has contributed towards the school’s success. Jon’s passion for education led him to complete a Level 4 Diploma in Music Teaching through RSL, which helped to solidify him as, not only an accomplished musician, but also a qualified teacher.

Upon obtaining permanent residence in South Africa, Jon began exploring the session industry and has continued to grow in his craft by playing for artists, collaborating with renowned musicians and even reaching endorsement deals with international drum and cymbal brands. Over the years, Jon has also continued his involvement in church as a multi-instrumentalist, music

director, co-writer of songs and recording drummer for their studio and live albums.

Jon’s influence has not only opened doors for him in South Africa but it also helped him to build an online following community that, as of 2023, includes 45,000 subscribers and over
5 million views on YouTube, as well as 11,000 combined followers on Facebook and Instagram.

To contact Jon or find out more about his work, find him on social media @jonlombana



Sabu is from Soweto in the south of Johannesburg, and gravitated towards the drums, as a kid growing up in church.
His uncle noticed his nephews gift and began then taking him to band rehearsals and early Sunday morning sound checks.
Sabu used these opportunities to learn and study some of the musicians he admired.

As well as playing in the church band, Sabu became resident drummer for a gospel TV music show titled “Its Gospel Time” and then enrolling in an arts school, where in 2005 Sabu gained entry to The National School of Arts after an awesome audition, also winning him the Yamaha young talent competition.

Soon after this Sabu was recommended by the school for small sessions and gigs, by the end of 2007 he had landed a spot in the biggest African gospel brand (Joyous Celebration), in which he has recorded 9 volumes thus far. Since then Sabu has become the biggest gospel drummer in South Africa and also breaking into other genres.

Sabu’s hard work, innate talent, and gifted ability has been recognized by artists, producers and musicians around the world, enabling him to also maintain a consistent schedule as a clinician and a session drummer who has recorded a lot of albums and live projects. He is growing in the industry as one of the most sought after musicians.

Sabu is currently touring and recording with different projects and has become more of an Independant session drummer, and he continues to grow spiritually, professionally and musically. He is also an inspiration to many and already a legend to some.

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Brad found his passion for playing drums in church and it will always be the place where he feels most comfortable being on a stage. Since then his love for music has grown and it has become a huge part of Brad's life.

Brad started playing drums at the age of 12 and began playing in church (Word and Life Church) a year later. He was taught by one of South Africa’s top drummers named Ghapi and later on developed his own style which was influenced by drummers such as Brendan Tan, Otis Williams and JP Bouvet.

Brad also took on the challenge of learning piano and bass guitar which helped him to become a more well rounded musician where he could lead a band. 

He is currently the full time drummer for Sony Artist Brendan Peyper and have been touring South Africa and Namibia performing in front of different size crowds ranging up to 40000 people.

Brad currently endorses Red Cymbals and Roland Music SA while being the Red Cymbals representative in South Africa.

Instagram: @__bradley.wheeler__ Youtube: Bradley Wheeler
Tik Tok: _bradley.wheeler_



Gareth Gale has been playing drums and percussion almost all his life. He is arguably one of South Africa’s most respected homegrown talents, with a near-tangible passion for the art and science of drumming. It began at 12 years of age when Gareth temporarily swapped his seat behind the classical piano for a moment behind the drums and promptly fell in love.

Having completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music at UKZN in 2006, Gareth dedicated his life to drumming early on. When he is not playing, recording, or writing, he imparts his knowledge and shares his talent with a group of equally passionate students.

 Gareth is a passionate and dedicated educator and to date, has already authored a series of drum books that have assisted numerous drummers in their drumming journey. Through his experience, Gareth aims to provide students with clear, impactful, and insightful lessons that help them truly understand the skills they are developing and their application in a broad range of drumming contexts. It is Gareth’s proficiency and passion for a variety of styles that have made him a sought-after session drummer. He has recorded numerous albums with other successful South African musicians in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Hip Hop to Rock, to Acoustic Folk, and more.

In the classroom, Gareth has recently been appointed as Head of Music at Northwood High School where he will be working tirelessly to structure a music program that is globally relevant, cutting-edge, dynamic, and action-packed. Gareth's diverse range of skills and endless enthusiasm will combine to inspire students and provide them with the tools required to utilize and enjoy music in every aspect of their lives. 

Gareth truly lives his drumming career and nowhere is this more evident than in his family's drum group - The Gales Play Drums. Here, Gareth, his wife, Carey, and their two sons. Matthew and Dylan, perform enthusiastically to a variety of music, ranging from popular songs to Latin. The success of these performances speaks for themselves and their videos, listed on their Youtube channel have gone on to become household favorites for many of their supporters. 

At this stage of his career, Gareth feels like he is only getting started and he is excited about what the future holds. One thing we know for certain, Gareth will be bringing his very best to provide you with a world-class drumming experience, whether on stage, in the drum room, in the classroom, or on his YouTube channel.

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Josh Klynsmith is a drummer based out of Durban, South Africa. He started playing from the age of 10 years old and after finishing high school, he studied music and achieved a Degree in Jazz and Popular Music. He has always been passionate about performing and spent his time touring and recording for award winning artists such as Gangs of Ballet and Matthew Mole.

Josh is currently using:
15" Traditional Hi Hats

16" Glow Hi Hats

20" Traditional Crash

20" Vertical Raw Trash Crash

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24" Vertical Raw Ride