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Red Drums

Red Drums Ruby Kit

Red Drums Ruby Kit

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The Red Drums ‘Ruby’ kit is a specialty kit that we make specifically for smaller lively venues / halls in mind such as cafes and churches that may have the need for a wide range of dynamic levels from the drums. The drums project well like normal drums however they respond well to dampening to produce a great lower volume sound without sounding like cardboard boxes. We can also pair Red Cymbals with the kit to suit (at an extra cost of course).

**Before ordering please check with us on the cost of shipping as the shipping cost that will come up at checkout is not accurate. 

The drums are stave drums made in the Southeast of Melbourne in Australia by a  master drum builder. The drums are hand made from Australian Southern Silky Oak carefully selected from high grade timber and cut down into staves.

We designed the drums to have a warmer tone, with a sensitive response/articulation and to sit well in a mix or to be played without mics. The drums will sound great also in the studio or in larger rooms/venues as well.

We have 3 configurations:

3 piece shell pack: 10x6" Tom, 14x10" Floor Tom & 18x12" Bass Drum

4 piece shell pack: 10x6" Tom, 12x6" Snare, 14x10" Floor Tom & 18x12" Bass Drum

4 piece including flat base hardware*: 2x snare stands, hi-hat stand, boom stand and straight stand. (*no kick pedal or throne supplied).

The drums come standard with a black/white logo, a GaDunk hoop protector and Evans Drumheads/Bass Drum patch.

We can provide dampeners such as Snareweights or RTOM Black Holes as well as TnR True Vibe Iso Mounts for the snare stands and floor tom legs at an extra cost.

The Specs are:

Wood type: Australian Southern Silky Oak
Bearing Edges: double 45 degrees

10x6" tom mounted on a snare stand 12mm thick stave shell 

12x6" Snare 12mm thick stave shell

14x10" Floor Tom 13mm stave shell

18x12" Bass Drum 13mm stave shell

If you have questions about the drums please get in touch with Dylan. Email:


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