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Red Cymbals

Red Drumsticks Timbale Sticks Big Dogs

Red Drumsticks Timbale Sticks Big Dogs

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Timbale Sticks or sticks for drummers who want to play at quieter levels.
We decided on the blue 3/4 colour to reduce the chance marking up drums and cymbals with the blue colour however there is a significance to the colour we chose.
The blue represents the mental health struggles that musicians often face. The purchase of these sticks helps us make a monthly donation to Support Act who are active in supporting music industry workers through various initiatives including a 24/7 help hotline. Check out their work HERE and donate as well.

Timbale sticks - no tip - ONLY 3/4 of the stick painted.
Big Dog Logo in White 

·         Diameter : .440" 
·         Length : 16" 
·         Surface Coating : Light Blue Colour 3/4 of the stick
·         Material (Wood) : Hickory

Red Sticks are made of the finest quality US Hickory - a popular/durable wood used to make drum sticks. Wood selection, drying process, manufacturing quality control are all monitored carefully during production we also ensure that all the wood sources and harvesting and replenishment process are carefully controlled. 

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