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Red Cymbals

Vertical Series Hi-hat Cymbals

Vertical Series Hi-hat Cymbals

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The Vertical Series hi-hats are lighter on top with a heavier raw bottom hat. The Vertical Series Rides are thinner, have lighter lathing yet have more hammering, a shorter decay and are responsive but not uncontrollable. They are defined and refined with subtlety and great tone! You will love these cymbals from the first hit.

Gram weights:
12" (top) 750 grams (bottom) 1000 grams
13" (top) 800 grams (bottom) 1000 grams
14" (top) 850 grams (bottom) 1100 grams
15" (top) 1050 grams (bottom) 1300 grams
16" (top) 1150 grams (bottom) 1350 grams
17" (top) 1150 grams (bottom) 1450 grams
18" (top) 1200 grams (bottom) 1600 grams

Check out the demo below or on the Red Cymbals YouTube Channel.


If you need your cymbal within a certain time frame please get in touch before ordering to ensure that it is in stock and to get a delivery estimate. 

If the cymbal you want isn't in stock it may take 10 weeks to have it made and delivered to you.

We have regular shipments coming in. If you have any questions about cymbals, please email Dylan at before you order. 

If we have to get your cymbal made we will stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the progress of the cymbal being made and then provide tracking for your shipment when it is on its way.
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